Friday, April 16, 2021
This image shows a Broadway Square Sponsorship graphic with SCHEELS. It has a picture of the SCHEELS Skating Rink.



Broadway Square serves as a central, vibrant, inclusive and engaging downtown community space with something for everyone. Sponsorships at Broadway Square show pride and support of the community right in the heart of downtown Fargo.  

SCHEELS became one of Broadway Square’s first sponsors with the sponsorship of our ice skating rink known as, SCHEELS Skating Rink. Along with sponsoring the rink, they provided us with some winter apparel that was sold in the Skate Shack and the adjustable kids skates we acquired at the end of this skating season. Learn more about our SCHEELS sponsorship below. 


Why did you become a sponsor at Broadway Square?

First and foremost, we have a wonderful and long-standing relationship with the Fargo Park District. When the downtown project was announced, this was an awesome opportunity for SCHEELS to get involved in an area of the city we haven't done much with. The Skating Rink is a fresh addition to the downtown community and we were very excited to have the opportunity to partner with Broadway Square and put our logo there. 

What are you excited to see in the future at Broadway Square? 

Fargo is growing quickly and there is a lot of opportunity for organizations to utilize that space downtown. From TNT's Able Games, to Yoga at The Square, more outdoor events and more ice skating, we're excited to see the community embrace Broadway Square. 

Tell us about your commitment to the Fargo community. 

Part of our mission at SCHEELS is to do good in our communities and that's absolutely our priority in the Fargo Community. We continuously look for creative ways to be involved in things happening in Fargo, from bigger events and naming rights to youth sports programs and also supporting community organizations like the United Way. We love Fargo and are grateful for the community support we receive as well! 


Thank you SCHEELS for everything you do for the Fargo community and for being a Broadway Square sponsor!  

Sponsorships are a key component in the successful ongoing operation of Broadway Square and influence our ability to offer quality events at little or no cost. Interested in becoming a Broadway Square sponsor? Learn more about our sponsorship packages.